Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Just Czeching

Since we left Krakow we've spent the last week toiling against a merciless headwind, through some very hilly terrain. We were sad to leave Poland behind, but excited to find what the Czech Rep. has to offer. Did I mention the torrential rain and thunderstorms, by the way?
Anyway, we pedaled onwards, determined but moist. Gone too were the friendly villages, replaced with the bland, 'grey' you might imagine from a 'cold war spy thriller'.
We did find one campsite though. It was up in the hills and involved a steep climb at the end of a long day. Sadly it didn't have showers - not even a tap in a field - in fact that is just what it was - a field! There was a restaurant nearby who let us use their loo! The hills rolled on. In one small town we stopped for coffee 'n cakes and found the cafe owner was a Welsh ex professional guitarist - and ukulele player.
We spent a good hour chatting and playing (we were his only customers, and the first English ones he'd ever had). So, now we are in Brno. As compared to the other cities we have visited so far, Brno hasn't got too much going for it. (Prague sounds a whole lot nicer)We've booked into a cheap hotel for the night,
recovering and wondering - Apart from the hills, torrential rain and headwinds, what have the Czechs ever done for us? Oh yes, I forgot to mention the complete lack of cycle routes, so we've been forced to make some big detours or brave the trucks on the main roads. So, hills, rain, headwinds, drab villages, no campsites, no cycle lanes, pollen (forgot to mention that my hay-fever has started) - WHAT have the Czechs EVER done for us? - Don't forget Pilsner Urquel and Budvar Reg ... Oh shut up !!

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