Saturday, 21 April 2012

Almost ready

One week to go before we set of once again. Our plan is to fly to Stockholm, then take the ferry across the Baltic to Tallinn (Estonia). Our route to the Black Sea will take us through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Rep. and Slovakia, (Bratislava), where we'll pick up the Danube. We'll follow the river then through Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Romania to its delta on the Black Sea at Constanta. If all goes to plan, from there we'll head off to Sofia in Bulgaria for the flight home.
We'll be keeping out of the 'Euro Zone' as much as possible (assuming the Euro survives until August !)
Since our last trip we've gone hi-tech, and now supplement our paper maps with a smart phone and gps. We've got rid of the Terra Nova Voyager and its flimsy zips, and invested in a Hilleberg Namatj 2GT, but other than that we're taking the same gear as for our previous journeys. There is one other addition this year, and I only hope that Eastern Europe is ready for it ... I'll be taking my ukulele to 'entertain' Di, in the wilderness. She's obviously thrilled at the prospect !

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